There are various job titles prevalent under the media jobs category. The job responsibilities associated with the different job titles are different. However, the jobs are related to each other and require the coordination of the different roles in order to perform the task.

What Are the Different Media Jobs

The different media job titles are online copywriter or website content writer, social media assistant, social media specialist, community manager, communications executives, PR social media executive and digital media officer etc.

Basic Job Responsibilities in the Media Jobs

Here is the basic job responsibilities associated with the different media job titles:

  • Creating various social media strategies in order to increase the website traffic and to generate awareness about the different businesses and products.
  • Monitoring the various social media trends.
  • Analyzing the effect of the social media on the various marketing projects and to modify the strategies, as required.
  • Searching for innovative ways to implement the social media tools in the research and development works.
  • Writing the right content for various websites, company blogs and various types of content on social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter updates.

The social media manager and the social media executives are the senior level positions in a social media firm. In addition to the above general duties, they also have to perform other vital job roles such as developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with the stakeholders or the business partners. They oversee the jobs of job assistants and take part in the community building initiatives.

They optimize the various online marketing projects of the organization and develop various types of advertising solutions to effectively increase the market reach of the products. Other professionals are also there, who are directly not associated with media profiles, but support the media personnel who support the media professionals.