Social media is a booming career field and is among the top choice of the job seekers today. This particular field has experienced a fast growth in the past few years because more and more companies are now insisting on the various social media platforms to market their businesses and products.

Interview Questions for Social Media Jobs

The social media jobs require certain specific technical and personal skills. The candidates need to gain proficiency in those skills before applying for the media jobs.

The interviewers put forward various questions before the candidates in order to test their skill sets and to find out the perfect candidate for the job.

Here are some of the interview questions for social media jobs that are worth preparing:

  • What are the methods to analyze and measure the effectiveness of social media?
  • What are the basic elements of a social media marketing plan?
  • How to advertise on the social media sites?
  • How to know a social marketing campaign has failed?
  • What are the software packages used for social media analytics?
  • What are the various social bookmarking sites?
  • Why do you deserve to be hired for a social media job and give an incident to support your answer?
  • What are the specific areas of social media that can be outsourced?
  • What your strengths and weaknesses related to social media?
  • Are social networking and social media same?

Some Technical Interview Questions Related to Social Media

  • What is RSS and what is its importance?
  • What is a ‘sneezer’?
  • How often to update Facebook and Twitter?
  • What is the importance of content in social media?
  • What is a ‘retweet’?
  • What is the difference between a blog and website content?
  • What is the role of a SEO in enhancing the viewership of a website?